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Four Peaks Brewery
1340 East Eighth Street, Tempe
Phone: (480) 303-9967

This is Arizona's largest brewery, set in a charming building dating back to the 1920's. Relax on the patio, have some great food, and even better beer. Four Peaks has won many international awards for their suds, and rightfully so. Some choices on tap change with the seasons, while other staples, such as the potent Kiltlifter, are ready for the drinking all year 'round.
Sonora Brewhouse
322 East Camelback Road, Phoenix
Phone: (602) 279-8909

Now with an on-site brewing facility, Sonora is a favorite with the locals. Excellent quality beers on tap and tasty food make it easy to see why. The knowledgeable ... Read more »
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#1. Global Warming
Nobody doubts anymore that climate change is at least in part man-made. And even if the effects of global warming remain at the most benign end of the predicted range, it will be a disaster of unprecedented proportions. For years, that disaster has been unfolding so slowly that it's been invisible. But now you can see it: Mountain glaciers around the world are melting, along with North polar sea ice and the ice cap atop Greenland; droughts are baking the U.S. southwest, Australia and sub-Saharan Africa; floods are devastating Bangladesh; and Central America is reeling from powerful hurricanes. Not all of these events can be tied absolutely to global warming, but all of them will surely become more frequent and intense as the world warms — ultimately threatening th ... Read more »
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Apple on Tuesday introduced new models of its consumer-level MacBook and high-end MacBook Pro laptops, adding the newly unveiled Penryn chips to its portable line and boosting processor speeds. In addition, the MacBook Pro adopts the MultiTouch trackpad first introduced in Apple’s MacBook Air laptop.
The MacBook Pro comes in three configurations: a 15-inch model with a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo chip; a 15-inch 2.5GHz offering, and a 17-inch 2.5GHz system. A 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo chip is available as a $250 build-to-order option for the MacBook Pro.
The MacBook also comes in three configurations. The white MacBook features either a 2.1GHz or 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor. The black model features a 2.4GHz chip.
The Core 2 Duo processors are part of Intel’s new mobile Penryn line introduced by the chipmake ... Read more »
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Pitch correction software has applications from restoration and mix-rescue to outright distortion of a voice or instrument. I'll discuss some of the more tasteful uses of these auto-tune tools below. But first I thought I'd highlight their misuse to illustrate the effects we usually try to avoid...Read
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According to a new study conducted by medical researchers, thirty-three percent of popular songs contain explicit content and forty-two percent of songs hint at substance abuse...Read
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eJamming makes software that enables people to practice music together 1000 miles apart. The idea is to let musicians practice together even when they can't get together physically, or to let students and teachers work together remotely...Read
Category: Articles | Views: 719 | Added by: yousound | Date: 15-02-2008 | Comments (0)

Cool video showing the use of the Gibson Guitar, which tunes itself. This type of guitar is useful for the real musician who would normally need to switch guitars during a show. Instead, this guitar simply re tunes itself, allowing a performer to ideally only need to own one guitar.
Category: Articles | Views: 1142 | Added by: yousound | Date: 15-02-2008 | Comments (2)

Representatives of John Mellencamp have contacted the McCain campaign to ask them to stop playing Mellencamp’s music at McCain campaign rallies...Read
Category: Articles | Views: 711 | Added by: yousound | Date: 15-02-2008 | Comments (0)

From downloadable podcasts to just-for-iPod study guides and applications, learning on the go has never been easier. To find out about the many different ways you can transform your iPod into a learning device, check out our list below...Read
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